• Shara Turner

Yoga for fertility, healthy pregnancy and postpartum healing

Yoga is an incredibly powerful, completely natural method for increasing the odds of conception. It is known to reduce stress, improve organ function, hormone balance, and overall physical and mental wellbeing through the practice of relaxing low impact exercises and breathing techniques. Asana tones the reproductive organs by systematically squeezing and releasing them, which encourages improv

ed functionality. Pranayama and meditation techniques assist in further balancing the hormones and calming the mind.

When practitioners also incorporate principles and practises of Ayurveda, the power of Yoga is further amplified. The body completely detoxifies, organs begin to function at optimal levels essentially making the body younger and stronger, and the mind becomes clear, calm and relaxed. When body and mind are healthy, balanced, calm and peaceful one is much more likely to conceive.

If you are interested in learning specifically about yoga for fertility, during pregnancy, or for postpartum healing, please contact us. We offer one on one consultations and private instruction.

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