• Shara Turner

The secret to eternal youth and vibrant health lies within.

Ayurveda speaks of a force that is most basic to nature, a force that underlies everything. This force is called, “the universal cosmic intelligence.” This is the vast power that lies silently inside our cells. You can call it cellular intelligence or the true mind of the cell, which knows no limit. The secret of life is that anything in your body can be changed with a flick of an intention. We tend to see our bodies as fixed material objects, when in truth they are more like rivers, flowing patterns of intelligence that are constantly changing.

Every five days you acquire a new stomach lining. Your skin is renewed every 5 weeks. Your entire brain is renewed every 2 months. Your skeleton, which seems so solid and fixed, is renewed every 3 months. Every 7 years the total number of cells in your body are replaced; on a cellular level, you are a completely new person. I will be so bold to say someone who dies of a heart attack or develops arthritis has had innumerable opportunities to build new arteries, or to make healthy joints. The trick is to change the printout of your body. And in order to do just that, you need to learn how to re-write the software of your mind.

Perhaps its time we set an intention for positive change...Become conscious. Be aware. Set your intention. Be positive. Free your mind and body.

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