• Shara Turner

Private Yoga Classes will resume in September!

Dear Students and fellow Yogi’s,

Please know we will not be accepting any further student bookings for the month of August but Classes will resume September 2, 2020.

We welcome you to book your classes in advance by sending us an email at info@satyaomyoga.com or by sending a message via our website www.satyaomyoga.com

We will continue to offer private and small group classes & workshops (max 3 persons) and dates are flexible at this moment in time.

We as teachers wholeheartedly believe that in order for us to give our students our best support, guidance and energy we ourselves need time to recharge. And that is what we will be doing in August!

Let’s prepare for a strong September.

Contact us today to book your classes in advance.

Hari OM

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