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Lets start the year off right with Dinacharya

Ayurveda, which translates to the science of life, focusses on maintaining the health of a healthy individual as well as curing diseases of the diseased. The branch of Ayurveda that focusses on the maintenance of health of a healthy person (swastha) is called Swasthavrtta.

According to Ayurveda in order for an individual to maintain a healthy and disease free life, one should follow Dinacharya. Dina translates to “day” and charya means “regimen or routine.” Dinacharya includes all daily activities of a person, from the moment they wake up early in the morning, till they sleep at night. It’s important to note that Ayurveda gives equal importance to (Dinacharya) daily routine, as it does medicinal therapy.

Following healthy lifestyle makes us healthier and increases our lifespan. Unhealthy lifestyle causes imbalance of doshas which ultimately leads to diseases. So knowledge of dinacharya is very important for those who wish to ultimate health.

There are specific recommendations that one should include in their dinacharya, however in modern day life we often find ourselves with less time to devote to personal care thus the traditional list may be too extensive. It’s important to note that a simple routine of waking before sunrise, maintaining personal hygiene (brushing teeth, scraping tongue, evacuating, exercising), practicing jala neti, pranayama and eating a healthy nutritious breakfast is a short routine that will lead to a brilliant improvement in ones energy and overall health.

The above examples are related to our physical body providing us with good physical health. But health means physical, mental, and social well being of a person. For this, we must follow good habits and manners in our life. This includes worshiping a higher entity or energy, helping the poor and always respecting other individuals. We should never insult others, should maintain a positive approach in life and thinking, speak kindly, never show enmity towards others, have control over the senses, avoid bad habits such as drugs, alcohol, smoking etc. All activities related to body and mind comes under daily routine.

Daily regimen will vary for each person. It’s important everyone carefully plan his daily routine in such a way that suits them best. This will ensure they will maintain consistency of their practices. Those who don’t have a regular dinacharya should start practice gradually. Don’t try to do everything all at once. Start slowly, don’t hurry. Through regular practise, it will become a natural part of your life. Even if someone cannot follow the entire recommended regimen, they can make changes and try to work out a routine according to their convenience. But it should ultimately aim at protecting their health both physically and mentally.

Practitioners of Ayurveda, must understand the importance of dinacharya and try to apply step by step. It means start from small things. Only by consistent practical application of dinacharya in daily life, you will know the real benefits which is much greater than the theoretical knowledge. We all need to begin with self-care, only then can we care for others. Self-care strengthens us and enables us to support others better. If we are tired and diseased, we can’t help others. We are responsible for our own health whether good or bad. So, lets take full responsibility and start dinacharya and improve our health in this brilliant new year.

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