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Incorporating the Yoga Sutra's into our daily lives to foster happiness and inner peace.

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Life in the Western world is definitelybusier, more hectic, and I would have to say more stressful than living in the spiritual bubble of Rishikesh, India. Many students would come to our Yoga Teacher Training program and say, wow, everyone is so relaxed and this place has such a magnificent calming energy. Many said they had never experienced a state of such calm and peace as they did during the month long program. They would leave on a high, feeling renewed and rejuvenated.

However, quite often, a month or so later, I would receive emails from my students expressing sadness that they are unable to reunite with the inner peace they felt in India now that they have returned to their environment at home....This is all too common.

So how can we tap into our innate happiness and a state of authentic inner peace wherever we may be in this universe? We can do this if we are present and we make genuine effort to incorporate elements of the Yoga Sutras into our daily lives.

The Yoga Sutras mention eight ways to build a contemplative practice and maintain equanimity. one lovely interpretation, is as follows:

1.27. Repeating the sacred sound OM manifests Divine Consciousness. 1.33. To preserve openness of heart and calmness of mind, nurture these attitudes: Kindness to those who are happy; Compassion for those who are less fortunate; Honor for those who embody noble qualities; Equanimity to those who actions oppose your values. 1.34. Slow, easeful exhalations can be used to restore and preserve balance. 1.35. Or engage the focus on an inspiring object. 1.36. Or cultivate devotion to the supreme, ever-blissful Light within. 1.37. Or receive grace from a great soul, who exudes Divine qualities. 1.38. Or reflect on a peaceful feeling from an experience, a dream or deep sleep. 1.39. Or dedicate yourself to anything that elevates and embraces your heart.

So next time you need to ground yourself, take a time out, meditate on these words, and try to honor these Sutras. See how it impacts your energy and the energy of all those around you. Wishing you a beautiful day.

Hari OM


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