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Healing through yoga: one of my personal stories

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Throughout my yoga therapy studies I constantly read about all the miraculous healing benefits of yoga. I will admit, some claims seemed far fetched and almost unbelievable, but yet I maintained faith in the 5000+ year old practices, in my teachers, my Guru Ji, and most of all, myself. While living in India I experienced a few very serious setbacks and injuries. One of which was a sever motorcycle accident that left me with a completely dislocated, fractured olecranon. I was told I needed emergency surgery or I may never have proper use of my arm again.

Long story short, I had surgery where pins and wires were inserted into my arm. I was told I would need to leave the metal in place for a few years so the bones would fuse properly. I was also told I will likely never recover complete range of motion and do not expect to perform all the "advanced asana" that I had come to love.

As soon as I was cleared to fly, I returned to Canada so I could ask for an opinion on the surgery. I noticed the very large pin that held my elbow together was sticking out of my elbow!?! Day by day it moved further and further out....the Canadian doctor told me I needed a second surgery so they can replace the pin. He also said I may not have full use of my arm and full range of motion in the future. We booked the surgery.

Not long after, and rather spur of the moment, I decided to fly back to India and study yoga therapy. I dedicated myself wholeheartedly to the practices I was learning about. I had faith, I tried everything that seemed appropriate for my condition and I continued practicing my personal fusion of asana, pranayama, meditation, and mantra.

One day the pin was protruding at least 1 inch out of my arm. I experienced tremendous pain and as it hit a nerve. I figured I needed the pin replaced right away....I went to the hospital. The doctors did an x-ray and shared the findings with me. Exactly 5 month after the accident, my bones had fused perfectly. I couldn't believe this was fact. The doctors couldn't believe this was fact. My family couldn't believe this was fact. Yet it was fact. I had the pin and ALL mental removed the next day.

The horrible scarring on my arm reminds me of how powerful the mind and body is. If we have complete faith in our practices, we channel our energy appropriately, and we instinctively listen to what our body tells us, we have tremendous healing power within. I was not willing to accept that I gave up my well established career in Canada only to find out 6 months later that I would be unable to teach yoga efficiently and or, practice what I loved.

Yogic practices can be used as preventative measures to ensure proper health and longevity but also as genuine methods for treating illness, injury, and common aliments. Feel free to contact us if you wish to try an alternative approach for healing and maintenance of your health. Namaste.

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